Our Mission:

Where the Texoma Business and Creative Community Collaborate for meaningful work.

Our Values:

Experimentation: Design it. Test it. Fix it. Share it.

Collaboration: Get connected and make it happen.

Entrepreneurial: Lead. Mentor. Deliver.

Persistent: Dedicated. Determined. Committed.

Ideation Station LLC collaborates with Ghost Town Arts Collective and other organizations to raise funds to support non-institutional experiential learning and education in Arts, STEM and personal development as well as sponsoring and developing micro-businesses and emerging enterprises. I look forward to using the Five Pillars, * People * Money * Programs * Narrative * Strategy, to put this non-profit to work for our community and to collaborate with the many artists, artisans, scientists, technologists, and others that want to share their talent and knowledge and become stewards of their craft developing others. This project will be known as Collaboration Station

The Five Pillars

* People * Money * Programs * Narrative * Strategy

Collaboration Station will shine a light on the abundant and vibrant culture and creative work opportunity in Texoma by housing a non-profit gallery and a makerspace for our creative community, collaborating to expand the local arts scene, ARTS, STEM and experiential learning.

We will encourage inter-generational exchange.

We will be proponents, infusing culture in downtown Sherman and the greater Texoma region.

We will promote local control and influence.

We will offer cultural support for educators.

Collaboration Station will incubate and help ARTS, STEM and personal development start-ups, micro-businesses, non-profits and enterprises expose the greater community and its children to many disciplines, including but not limited to the arts, sciences and humanities. Collaborators and Community Members will serve as mentors and accept mentorship.

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Meet Our Collaborators & CoWorkers
great people doing great things

Ruth Williamson

Ideation Station LLC

Andra Petrean


Bill Mory

Mindfulness Based Training

Jean Roelke


Stephanie Waitt

Texoma Specialty Counseling
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Being a Lighthouse in the Community

“I am honored to be the "lighthouse" for Ruth's vision and I hopeI can make her proud. I think it's a wonderful idea to celebrate creativity and creators-- I'm always inspired by someone else's creativity. Everything around us that we live with and use every day of our lives is the result of someone's creativity,”
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