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Sherman Off the Square
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Ideation Station and Gallery Off the Square

What we do and why –

Jan. 30, 2019 by

Ideation Station Where Texoma’s Entrepreneurs and Creative Communities Collaborate Our goal is to function as a small and micro business incubator focused on 1) startups for local business services and

Focus: Photography Forum with Jared Tredway

May. 15, 2019 by

Focus: Photography Forum with Jared Tredway Purchase your tickets now for one session or all from Ghost Town Arts Collective’s EventBrite site here and check out all the other cultural


Focus: A Photography Forum

May. 7, 2019 by

Focus: A Photography Forum by Jared Tredway These days we are bombarded with images, and with the advent of social media platforms like Instagram and others, not being a photographer

Rock Salt Writers Workshop: Fiction and More

May. 5, 2019 by

Rock Salt Writers Workshop: Fiction and More You know, that story that always comes back to you, and that starts you thinking, “Hey, I wish I could write it someday.

Dancing Catfish: Poetry Writing Workshop

May. 4, 2019 by

Dancing Catfish: Poetry Writing Workshop “Write a poem — any poem!” At Dancing Catfish we do just that. We know that poems come in all shapes and sizes, all sorts

Dr. Peter Anderson

Writers Workshop to Begin May 23 with Dr. Peter Anderson

Apr. 30, 2019 by

Writers Workshop – Dr. Peter Anderson written by John West A year and a half ago, a group gathered to listen to others read, and to read their own, poems.

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“I am honored to be the "lighthouse" for Ruth's vision and I hope I can make her proud. I think it's a wonderful idea to celebrate creativity and creators-- I'm always inspired by someone else's creativity. Everything around us that we live with and use every day of our lives is the result of someone's creativity,” - Shannon Kincaid
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