Dr. Andra Petrean in Sithonia, Greece. You can see Mt. Athos in the background.

Andra Petrean is a Professor of Physics at Austin College and the Director of its Pre-Engineering

program. She holds a PhD in Physics, and her research in high temperature superconductivity

and nanotechnology has been recognized at Austin College with awards for outstanding


Andra is currently the president of the Texas Section on the American Association of Physics

Teachers, and has also served on the board of The Advanced Laboratory Physics Association.

She is active in the Sherman community, volunteering on her sons’ PTA at Dillingham and had

run for the Sherman ISD School Board. She volunteers on the Neighborhood and Recreation

committee, and is a member of the local Women of Visionary Influence chapter. Together with

a former Sherman ISD Physics teacher, she organized a workshop for Physics teachers from the


Andra enjoys travelling and learning foreign languages. Other interests include piano, gardening,

and swimming. A remodeling project she undertook about a year ago made her realize how


enjoyable the creative process can be and made her want to collaborate with other creative


Andra more recently became interested in robotics, and a recent class in microcontrollers she

taught at Austin College inspired her students to start a robotics club! She wants to teach a

variety of classes in electronics and robotics. In the beginner-level class students can learn

about electrical currents and electronic parts. In the intermediate class, students build circuits

and write programs that control them. In the advanced class, students pursue their own interests

and build their own projects, such as a remotely controlled rover, a computer controlled

levitating system, a laser toy for a cat, or even a miniature R2D2 robot.

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