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We’ve all heard it. Ideas about artistic creativity that happens in a vacuum – that artists are generally introverted and therefore are more creative and more productive when left alone. I’m here to tell you this is a myth and I’ve seen this myth disproven with my very eyes at the Focus: Photography Forum events hosted by Jared Tredway and the Ghost Town Arts Collective. The forum is a series of weekly pin-up sessions designed to bring photographers together for conversations about their work. Photographs are displayed and discussed with participating members giving meaningful feedback to the photographer about composition, color, formatting, technique, presentation platform and more. For two months now, I have had the privilege to see people become inspired and grow in their artistic vision as a direct result of the conversations. I have seen people come to realizations that they wouldn’t have alone, and I have seen these same people take risks and create work that is bold and truly meaningful. Art does not happen in a vacuum – I have seen it with my own eyes and it is a beautiful sight.

In support of the anticipated growth, we are in the middle of constructing a rolling, photographic display wall built on wheels so we can move it around and showcase more photographs. Everyone is welcome to join! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or someone just getting started; we’ll meet you no matter what skill level or what tools you use. Sessions occur every Saturday starting at 2:00 PM and tickets are $15 per session.

Join the conversation today.

Stay creative,

Liz Elsberg

Executive Director, Ghost Town Arts Collective


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