Andra Petrean in Sithonia Greece

Andra Petran in Sithonia Greece

Dr. Andra Petrean holds a Ph.D in Physics and is Professor of Physics and Engineering advisor at Austin College, where she teaches a variety of classes for scientists and engineering students.  She is particularly fond of her “Introduction to Electronics” course, which provides college students with a basic understanding of electronic devices and circuits, both analog and digital.  Dr Petrean’s course on Micro-controllers in January 2017 was a lot of fun:

Having two boys of her own (one is already a teenager!), Dr. Petrean is aware of the need to educate young minds about math, science, engineering, and programming!  She started her company, Robotics Playground, in an effort to bring Robotics classes, workshops, and exciting projects to North Texas!

Robotics Playground

Robotics Playground

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