Best of Texoma Top 3 Best Gallery

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Best of Texoma Top 3 Finalist 2019 Best Gallery

Congratulations to all the finalists for the Herald Democrat’s Best of Texoma in 2019. The final round of voting for the Top 3 Winners in all 177 categories will begin on March 14 and run through March 29. This round will be online only through

Thank you to all of our customers, supporters, the artists and artists in our Gallery Off the Square and the community for the nomination of Gallery Off the Square for Best Gallery. We were very surprised to be a finalist!


The Gallery Off the Square at Ideation Station is a community gallery. By that we mean that it is open to all area artists and artisans to display their work. At this time there is no commission, rent or fees to display work, only that the artist or artisan have a Texoma connection. Artists are free to choose the work they display as well. In the future, we will be working closely with Ghost Town Arts Collective, one of our coworkers at Ideation Station, to display members work and ask that today’s sales will result in a contribution of some kind to the non-profit. We tried several different operating models and have decided on doing it this way as a contribution to the creative community, and as a project to develop and advocate for the arts as an economic driver. The Arts Economy is just as important as the other startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs that we work with or provide space to operate.

Thank you so much to the artists, startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that are the heart of Ideation Station and the support from the community that makes everything we do possible!

Artists and Artisans

See our Gallery Shop for more information about the art. We are still working on our website and uploading art to the online gallery and developing a page for each artist. Follow our progress!

We cannot display this gallery

Ideation Station

Our mission is to advocate for the cultural arts as economic drivers and to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Texoma by providing affordable space and resources for community building, organization and mentorship.

We create opportunities for collaboration, incubation and launch support for startups, remote workers and entrepreneurs in the arts, sciences, maths, local small business, and non-profits that seek a like-minded growth oriented community in downtown Sherman Texas. We do this through providing shared space – meeting and work space on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. We are located in historic downtown Sherman, Texas one block south on Travis from the Grayson County Courthouse and Justice Center.

Ideation Station

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