Jared Tredway

Jared Tredway

Creative Director, Tredway Workshop

Jared Tredway
Creative Director
Tredway Workshop

Jared Tredway grew up in Windom, Texas, a small town about 80 miles northeast of Dallas. His childhood was spent carving tunnels in maize fields, drawing whimsical castles, putting on productions for his school class, and building Lego cities and stick forts in the forest. In grade school he explored music, art, and theater as well as writing and literature. 

After graduating with a degree in architecture summa cum laude from Texas A&M, he relocated to Sherman, Texas, as Project Manager + Director of Interior Design in a local firm.

While in Sherman, began to re-explore his interest in writing, acting, photography, and music. After a couple of theater productions, he began studying acting with Theresa Bell and was thrilled to participate in her recent short film Lullaby as a producer and on-set photographer.

He recently completed his first short film, Receptivity, and was also cast in his first feature, The Lucky Man, making him a SAG eligible actor. Jared is also interested in singing and songwriting, and recently recorded his first studio track, “From the Gray,” for the closing credits of Receptivity.

Nowadays Jared enjoys creative expression across a number of disciplines, from music to photography to writing to filmmaking to graphic design to acting and architecture. He is exhilarated for what he currently has going and is excited to see what comes next! Please contact Jared at one of the links below to inquire about an artistic or creative collaboration.

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