Call and Response Exhibition

Shannon Orr
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Ghost Town Arts Collective: Call and Response Exhibition

by Shannon Orr

Ghost Town Arts Collective (GTAC) held it’s Call & Response Show with great reception. People from all over Texas and Oklahoma came to see the show that paired art with words. It housed sculptures, photography, paintings, mixed media and even independent films. This show was special to me as it allowed me the gift of expressing my thoughts through surrealism photography and then combining them with poems I learned to cultivate in the Catfish Writing Workshop, also hosted by GTAC.

It encompassed every single way I had found to express myself. Talking with people is often a struggle for me as I am looking for immediate depth. Here I could simply speak and people had the choice to walk by or stop and listen. I found a great luxury in those who not only stopped to listen but asked to hear more. Me, this woman who has grown through her own circles of hell and lived to tell about it. I had photos and poems of postpartum depression, the fight to come out of that, dealing with the haunting of PTSD and domestic abuse. The ability to meet with people and talk about these items which are heavily stigmatized and hidden in our culture was like taking the first deep breath after being submerged under murky water for so long.

I left the show equally drained and exhilarated. What will I do now? What subjects should I touch on? What do I have to say? I’m not sure, but what I am sure of is that GTAC has given me a home, a safe space to express myself and to always let those expressions be worthy. In a great state of self doubt having a group of people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself, well that’s better than liquid courage. That’s gold, and my tribe is golden.

Ghost Town Arts Collective is always looking for members and collaborations to work with. They hold true to the philosophy that art is for everyone, no matter what stage of an adventure an artist is on, they want to be apart of it and help others succeed in their creative living. You can find out more about them at

The Call & Response Show is still up for those would like to come by please reach out to schedule a time to visit!

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