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52 Weeks of Shannon Terry Cockerham

“I am honored to be the “lighthouse” for Ruth’s vision and I hope I can make her proud. I think it’s a wonderful idea to celebrate creativity and creators — I’m always inspired by someone else’s creativity. Everything around us that we live with and use every day of our lives is the result of someone’s creativity.” – Shannon Kincaid

We are embarking on new projects with some exceptional collaborators this year. To celebrate the possibilities, we are having an event on July 6, 2017 at Venue Off the Square from 5:30 pm until about 7:30 pm. We are bringing artist, singer, producer, model and so much more, Shannon Kincaid to talk about her film, art and life’s work. She has served as a ‘lighthouse’ in creating a vision of the co-working studio collaborative community we hope to develop.

We will also talk about the prototype project, working title “Collaboration Station”, that resulted from listening to ideas, expectations, and hopes from people in the community. Creators seeking others of like mind, or with a different mind, but willing to collaborate and create. Sharing space, overhead, and materials collectively among students, mentors and teachers. Since Ideation Station has a co-working model, and Venue Off the Square an event space suitable for exhibits, it seemed a natural fit to work together to maximize the shared space opportunity for an Arts and STEM community. The question is, what does that look like? Is it a party, a co-operative, or something else? For the user experience, it is more like an airport. Ideation Station is one of the facilities (the airport) that we will use for certain activities, and each artist, writer, creator, teacher or even non-profit organizations and businesses commit to share and use the space to maximize their own operation. An airport is not a monolithic enterprise, rather it is made up of many kinds of enterprises including restaurants, airlines, retail, etc. that are all transacting and operating their own business. What is shared are the common areas, users, a set of rules and regulations, etc. Venue Off the Square is a separate enterprise and will be a place for events, exhibits and other activities. We are in early discussions with Ghost Town Arts Collective, The Sherman Museum and others about how we can collaborate to develop and share more experiences collectively.

Creativity. Art. Design. It exists. Right here in Sherman, Texas. There is a creative community with much to offer. Ideation Station will be one of the places where the community, non-profits, business, artists, scientists, members can come, collaborate, create and share their work. We all need quiet time, to think, generate ideas and even execute. But ideas, design, creativity often results from experimentation and solving problems. Finding our voice in prose, poetry, spoken word, music and performance is an expression of life in all its complexity, joy, desire and sorrow. We also need to be in proximity to other creators. We often do our best work in collaboration or competition with other creators.

Join us on July 6, 2017 at Venue Off the Square and experience our pop-up event showcasing Shannon Kincaid. Her collaboration with Terry Cockerham, a photographer, her film and how it was produced, her art and more show Collaboration Station’s mission come to life. This will be an opportunity to find out more about what we, collectively, are doing.

About Shannon Kincaid:


Shannon presenting her painting to Oprah Winfrey:


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