Jean Roelke

Jean Roelke

Jean Roelke  – Artist, Writer, Educator, Collaborator

Artist Statement

I am an artist who writes and teaches writing. I make things using words, usually books of

some sort. My theoretical concerns relate to language, spoken and written, and the media

with which language is recorded. I am interested in how thought is transmitted,

interpreted, and misinterpreted; relations between the spoken and the recorded word; and

ways words mean and change meaning. I am interested in these problems as an artist and a

poet. Visual poetry addresses these concerns, and is a major means of artistic expression

for me. I am primarily a book artist, but books, for me, consist of anything that can be read.

Artist Biography

Jean Roelke is a poet and visual artist whose work focuses on language and the

relationships between word and image. Her work has been exhibited locally and regionally.

She teaches writing and literature at the University of North Texas, where she is

also studying sculpture.


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