Staci Wright has a record of ongoing achievement of exceeding metrics, increasing sales, and achieving efficiencies in workforce management to deliver outstanding customer service and operational excellence.  She has served as a leader providing organizational efficiency and revenue cycle management I have been acknowledged for my sense of urgency in focusing on building collaborative teams and coaching them for high performance.

Staci has developed the ability to understand and oversee all aspects of operating and growing a successful business, including policies and procedures, and streamlining business systems and increasing efficiencies, as well as having gained extensive management experience in start-up business enterprises through setting-up and developing 3 successful companies, from idea to full execution. Her current business is based on a new product idea and a small budget. She saw that idea and turned it into a physical product which then went to market on a global scale, and the company went from $zero to $5MM in annual sales. These sports & safety related products sell in many retailers across the United States, and 37 countries worldwide. In all my endeavors I have worked with integrity and consistency to set the company up for long term success through creative solutions which have captured a niche market.

Staci is successful in hiring quality people who may not have had the specific skill set needed at that time, but had strong ethics and character enabling us to train them for the skill set we required. And in all cases they became exceptional employees. When working with vendors my ability to perceive their true character enabled us to conduct business with them at a high level of ease and efficiency. As well as English I also have a knowledge of Spanish.

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