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Collectively we have an opportunity to incubate and accelerate local business. If you are like me, you would like to see this happen while maintaining the character and individuality of our neighborhoods, central business districts, new business and retail development and business hubs. By collaborating and engaging leaders across the region we increase our ability to influence and effect change that we all want.
Ideation Station has expanded the available space for coworking and for use as a community center or hub with 6,000 square feet of office, shared space and a digital collaboration virtual community ( ) in the works. I am also developing a calendar of cultural arts and business development related events that will take place on site. One has already launched – 1MCShermanTX 
I’d like to develop a business mentoring program in collaboration with leaders individually and through the entity that you represent. If you are interested, let me know so I can list you as a mentor and help startups and entrepreneurs connect with you virtually, at an event or individually. If your organization can provide mentor/mentee opportunities for your membership and external mentees let me know. 

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