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One Million Cups Sherman Texas Weekly Startup Event

Join us each Wednesday at 8:30 am at Collaboration Station. Enter on the south side of Ideation Station on 101 E. Jones.
The meeting will be held in the Gallery Room. Startups and Entrepreneurs – get on the schedule and apply to present today!

It’s not a sales pitch, and it’s not an investor pitch. The goal is to have people understand what you do and some of the challenges you have had in building your business. 

Why Present?

  • Opportunity to refine your presentation and elevator pitch
  • A network for support, including coaching from 1 Million Cups organizers
  • Access to online training programs designed to help you create a powerful presentation and master the Q&A
  • Opportunity to present and again and again—after you made significant changes, or in another city
  • A diverse audience to engage with and the opportunity for exposure to new markets and people
  • The potential to receive local, regional or national media coverage on your startup

Step 1: Check Out Your Local 1 Million Cups Community

You’ll get the best sense of what to expect by attending a nearby event.

Step 2: Apply to Present

Companies that are less than five years old and open to community engagement can apply to present at 1MC. All industries welcome. Applications take less than 30 minutes. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed. The community organizers will get back to you with any follow-up questions, and you’ll work together to schedule a presentation date. Approval is based on local organizer discretion.

Apply now

Step 3: Prepare Your Presentation

You’ll have six minutes to tell your community who you are, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Watch the Kauffman Founder’s School Powerful Presentation series to find inspiration, or watch past presentations.

After your presentation, there will be a 20-minute Q&A session that will give you the opportunity to connect with your audience, culminating to the million-dollar question: “What can we as a community do to help you?”

Today, July 11, 2018, Dr. Dave Tuck of Texoma Wellness made six minute presentation, then took 15-20 minutes of questions from the other entrepreneurs at the meetup event.

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