Dr. Steph – September Anorexia Series

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September Anorexia Series on The Recovery Channel

by Dr. Stephanie Waitt

It’s self-compassion Sunday, a hopeful day of rest, relaxation, and hitting the pause button. This is your kind reminder that you are ENOUGH. You are capable. You are going to be OK.

Anorexia is a disease not a choice. Recovery from anorexia is not as easy as just eating something or “getting over” your discomfort with your body. In today’s video I am sharing with you what anorexia is and the 4 steps to recovery. Then stay tuned all month as I share with you how to make recovery possible for you.

I am starting a YouTube series on Anorexia Recovery. This means that for the month of September every video on the channel will be all about tips, tricks, and tools for your recovery from anorexia.

You know how you get stuck in your head? How you could be watching TV in the evening and you aren’t able to fully pay attention because you have these loud thoughts in your head? When your thoughts seem loud and distracting grab a piece of paper and pen and jot those thoughts down. Today I am sharing how you can journal and sharing with you a starter journal prompt to help you get started.

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