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07/20/2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am America/Chicago Timezone
Friends of Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Have you ever spotted a firefly sparkling on a warm summer night? You may have seen fireflies glowing in the trees and bushes and maybe even caught one. There’s something magical about fireflies. They twinkle and dance like green stars on warm summer nights, turning our meadows, forest edges, and back yards into fairylands. Come out to the refuge and learn what makes these enchanting creatures light up the night and how we can continue to protect their precious habitat. We’ll introduce you to the amazing world of fireflies as we play games, make firefly crafts, and participate in fun activities. Come join us on July 20 for a free class to learn all about fireflies. To sign up – call the refuge at (903) 786-2826 or sign up on the web at


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