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It was a moment of clarity that changed everything. I could see the path and journey before me. My hope is to develop the community to execute the vision.

As a “visual thinker”, ideas manifest in images whether I am thinking about data, processes, the arts, relationship, or Community. I see the data tables and pointers that refer one to another or one too many. I see the faces of the community members. I see the person as I ruminate over our last conversation.

I’ve put a lot of words, thoughts, technology, and business processes around what I wanted to accomplish with Ideation Station and the Community Center for Cultural Arts and the intersection with my focus on startups and local business. But, I wasn’t really sure I had the branding that would “serve it all up”. Pun intended. Because now I do.

The source of that inspiration? Missy Sofey at my first event for a featured artist Barry Snidow. I was attempting to tell her what I wanted to have happen, and want I did not want it to be. And to be honest, I was drawing those boundaries by telling a lot more about what it was not. A path to getting to my preferred position of stating the positive, “what it is”, but not quite there. When she responded, “you are feeding the Artists”, I knew I was there.

The programs, study groups, meetings, classes, work shops, that I want to facilitate will serve to inspire, inform, and develop the creative productivity of the collaborator. Leaders will be first among equals. All will be learner’s. There will be a place at the table for each person.

What does that look like? How does it feel? We have a poetry study group that we began months ago that need w is a good model for the programs we will be supporting through our membership. This group meets biweekly and each participant produces work, reads it and receives supportive analysis and criticism of their work.

Similarly, #1MCShermanTX, aka 1 Million Cups Sherman, meets weekly. Startups and businesses less than five years old apply to present, and upon approval are scheduled to speak for six minutes followed by up to 20 minutes of instant constructive feedback from other entrepreneurs and business people.

These processes feed the participants and give them the energy, encouragement and often the support to move their work to the next level.

This is the objective of my capital investment and work through Ideation Station. Membership supports this objective and provides the resources and Community that through collaboration, will feed the gig economy that artists, creatives, artisans and startups represent.

Let’s collaborate. Become a member of the coworking space or the digital Community.


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