Focus: Photography Forum with Jared Tredway

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Focus: Photography Forum with Jared Tredway

Purchase your tickets now for one session or all from Ghost Town Arts Collective’s EventBrite site here and check out all the other cultural arts activities.

Ghost Town Arts Collective

The Ghost Town Arts Collective is an arts cooperative based in the Texoma region that has been supporting and nurturing the arts since 2007.

We are dedicated to creating an open space for the arts community to experiment, share, and connect, and for the community at large to experience the creative process through participation, appreciation, and education.

For this purpose, we have established a makerspace for hosting artistic workshops and classes as well as hosting gallery exhibitions showcasing visual and performance art, music, dance, spoken word, poetry, creative writing, bookmaking, and film created by members of our community.

Co-Executive Directors Elizabeth Elsberg and Jean Roelke manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. The Ghost Town Arts Collective engages the community using multiple avenues: exhibitions, participation in community events and festivals, and classes/workshops. The organization will host at least two major exhibitions per year showcasing the artwork of its members. The Ghost Town Arts Collective will use Ideation Station as the primary location for gallery shows along with other local and regional venues in the city of Sherman, TX and more.

Jared Tredway

Jared grew up in Windom, Texas a small town about 80 miles northeast of Dallas. His childhood was spent carving tunnels in maize fields, drawing whimsical castles, putting on productions for his school class, and building Lego cities and stick forts in the forest. In grade school he explored music, art, and theater as well as writing and literature.

After graduating with a degree in architecture summa cum laude from Texas A&M, he joined David Baca Studio in Sherman, Texas, as Project Manager + Director of Interior Design. While in Sherman, began to re-explore his interest in writing, acting, photography, and music. After a couple of theater productions, he began studying acting with Theresa Bell and was thrilled to participate in her recent short film “Lullaby” as a producer and on-set photographer. He recently wrote, produced, and starred in his first short film, “Receptivity,” and was also cast in his first feature, “The Lucky Man,” making him a SAG eligible actor. Jared is also interested in singing and songwriting, and recently recorded his first studio track, “From the Gray,” for the closing credits of “Receptivity.”

Jared enjoys creative expression across a number of disciplines, from music to photography to writing to film making to graphic design to acting and architecture. He is exhilarated for what he currently has going and is excited to see what comes next!

Jared hope to enrich our local communities with meaningful places. He now enjoys renovating his midcentury home in Sherman, performing with the Sherman Symphony, volunteering with Downtown Sherman Now, music, movies, and working out. He has served on the steering committee of the North Texas Young Professionals, and initiated their popular Pillars Forum, inviting local community pillars to share their experiences with up-and-coming leaders. Jared is also principal of an interdisciplinary design studio, Tredway Design located at Ideation Station.

View some of Jared’s work at JaredTredway.comm.

Focus: Photography Forum

These days we are bombarded with images, and with the advent of social media platforms like Instagram and others, not being a photographer means you are missing out! But have you ever wanted to receive more meaningful feedback on your images, deepen your photographic prowess, refine your eye and take your work to the next level? If so, this workshop is for you!

Jared Tredway is facilitating a weekly pin-up session and conversation to help us accomplish more inspiration and focus before we hit the shutter button. Through conversations about composition, color, formatting, technique, presentation platform and more, participants will develop their intuitive ability to see and capture images that captivate, regardless of skill level or what camera we’re using. 

WHEN?  Meets weekly on Saturday afternoons at 2 PM and Monday evenings at 6:30 PM starting May 18th. 

WHO?  All ages/skill levels welcome; however, participants under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian also taking the class.

HOW?  Just have a printed image ready (or send a digital image prior to class to if you prefer digital presentation) for the group to consider. To learn more or buy tickets, click this link to the Ghost Town Arts Collective EventBrite Site.

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