Barry Snidow

Barry Snidow, Photographer

Like many of our artists, Barry has a Texoma connection having moved to the area from North Carolina in his youth and graduating from Sherman High School. Barry Snidow has 35+ years professional commercial photography experience, and 28 years experience teaching college students how to make a living with photography. See more of his work at barrysnidow.comBarry possesses a variety of photographic experience, from commercial architectural photography, to portraiture, to product advertising. He is an accomplished platinum printer, gum-bichromate printer, silver gelatin printer, and, a solid technician with digital printing and digital image production. His client list includes Disney, Neiman Marcus, Frito Lay, Mary Kay Cosmetics, ACME Brick, American Airlines, and more.  
In addition to providing high quality photographic services to his clients, he is offering workshops, business consultation, and private tutoring on anything photographic. Contact Barry if you have an idea for a workshop or if you want to hire him for private lessons. He can help you become more productive in a new photography business, or give you the skills to give you more enjoyment in your hobby. Whatever your interest in photography, Barry can help.
Barry Snidow Installing at Gallery Off the Square
Barry Snidow Installing at Gallery Off the Square

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