Debbie Odom

Debbie Odom – Multi-Media Artist

 A self taught artist, Debbie was encouraged at an early age by her crafty and artistic parents. Her mother made clothes from patterns and fabrics while her father’s pastels were vibrant colors depicting flowers and landscapes. As a young adult Debbie was fascinated by art history and pursued a lengthy career in custom picture framing. She was involved in all facets of the work; design, labor, and loved being surrounded by a myriad of art. Later in life painting was set aside to assist her children’s pursuit of their goals.Throughout her life she has traveled to many destinations in the country where she can spend time with nature, painting it the way she sees it.

Artist Statement

I identify myself as an artist not only because my soul contains the passion to paint, but because I see in a certain way; a sight reflected in the work of other’s art and photographs. Artistic creation is the activity that brings me the most peace.The fires of my art spirit are rekindled as I pass along the glory of the environment to others. All of nature is my greatest influence and the spirit which inspires my work remains eternal.

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