Vivian Spears

Vivian Spears, Multimedia Artist

Vivian has strong ties to the Texoma area having gone to Denison High School and Grayson College (studying nursing). She also studied Biology and Art at Pittsburgh State University. She works in several mediums including stained glass,  painting, and collage often mixing the mediums in interesting ways. Vivian was an original member of GYST that has had gallery and exhibition space and art activities over the years in the Texoma Area.


“My time spent with GYST was very motivating and I think, as a group, we all felt like we were a part of a movement. With the late Greg Mack, at the helm, we were promoted through news media, online, and mailings that brought people that appreciate art from as far as Dallas to our receptions. We felt unified in creating, often refurbishing previously empty locations, in exchange for a place to display our work. During that time my creations focused on glass-related pieces, utilizing slumping/fusing techniques to build stand-alone and wall-hanging sculptural designs and jewelry.” – Vivian Spears

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