Ghost Talks and Apparitions 0.1

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Prototyping Ghost Talks and Apparitions

Apparitions 0.1
A Ghost Town Arts Collective publication

Ghost Talks from Ghost Town Arts Collective in Ideation Station LLC with Jared Tredway. All you have to bring are your ideas to become a member of Ghost Town. Join Liz ElsbergJean RoelkeShannon Orr, and many creatives in the cultural arts including John West Peter Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth Meyers, Karen Rachel Yeatts, Emilie Collins, an so on, in developing workshops, exhibitions, and Apparitions.

In the first episode of Ghost Talks, Jared Tredway takes you inside the prototype Issue of Apparitions, the creative arts journal published by Ghost Town!

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Chief Visionary Officer and management consultant with Ideation Station LLC.
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