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It is time to “Give a ShOT” about all the local startups, entrepreneurs, makers, artists, and creatives in the Greater Texoma Community. For several years now, we’ve been publicizing and spreading the good news about all the things to do, experience and enjoy with our friends and neighbors and keep those dollars circulating in our community. Let’s just say we are upping the game and you can be part of it. 

ShOT and Collaboration Station are projects of Ideation Station LLC, a for profit social purpose organization that promotes economic opportunity, increasing the flow of capital and job creation for people, startups, and small businesses, using the coworking community center business model.

Since Ideation Station’s mission is to advocate for the cultural arts as economic drivers and to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Texoma, we’ve initiated the Collaboration Station project to represent our interest in collaboration, of course, and that we are a welcoming spot in the region to get started, on anything, that supports startups (we all have to start somewhere), the cultural arts and business. We are upping the game on ShOT (Sherman Off the Square) to increase exposure in and outside our community through collaboration.

For years I have curated, promoting and sharing on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. the events, sales, products and services for cities, main street organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development corporations, school districts, retail shops, galleries, libraries and so many other categories. I seek them out and try to get to know them as best I can so that I can amplify their marketing voice to shoppers, community members and people who want to visit our community. As I said above, we are upping the game. I have found a social network offering (software as a service SaaS) that will allow me to host, add hosts and moderators, as well as members that lead, serve and give to our community and ease their interaction and collaboration without having lots and lots of meetings, emails, or being advertised too. It is just for us.

The interface is very similar to the social networks you are used to using. Members can write articles, set up or join groups, create events, and they will be adding video meetings, course units, and other functionality in the near future. Maybe you don’t use these things today. But imagine that you want to increase the number of people in the area and coming to the area to buy shoes. The cost of advertising and marketing shoe sales in Texoma and creating a brand would be, well, astronomical. That is why there are so few, or maybe zero, small businesses that just sell shoes. However, those small businesses that do sell shoes can amplify the interest in shoe sales by collaborating and not competing. They do this by amplifying through social media influencers, such as, that there are local sources and creating a marketing strategy and schedule that will bring customers to their storefront. We can all do this by finding other businesses that share our target market and collaborating. However, we don’t want that to be public, and we don’t want to waste time and have a lot of meetings and expose too much of our proprietary information to our friendly competitors. That’s where this network and the community in it can help. We have what is called “loose ties”, and that discussion is for another blog entry.

For now, become a part of the network and engage. If you need help, I can give you some ideas and show you and your competitor collaborators how to make it work. I’ll be doing it too. Plus – sharing your content and growing our network.

Give it a ShOT! Click to find out more

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