Healthy Soil Helps One Grow

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Shannon Orr, Multi-media Artist on the Photography Walk

From one of our artists, Shannon Orr:

I drive past this dirty window everyday. It’s in the industrial part of Sherman, and I’m not sure if the building is abandoned.

The blinds are falling down and whenn driving by, in my peripheral vision, it always looks like a ghost watching me, wanting to be let out. I had a chance to photograph it on a walk with a local photography group. I played with it in Adobe Lightroom until I got the effect of what I saw so i could show you a bit of the world from my perspective.

I’m working on my story telling with the photos I’m making. I’m trying here first with the ones I’ve already made. Safe to start among friends.

Healthy soil helps one grow.

And I wouldn’t have even felt safe enough to explore this if Jared and Peter hadn’t encouraged me so that day. One little wing popped out at the photography forum, I swear.

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