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The Station 903.357.5290

by RuthW

Where creatives and entrepreneurs collaborate.

Ideation Station Facade Concept for 2020
Design by Tredway Workshop

Where entrepreneurs and creatives collaborate.

At the Station you’ll find active and engaged community members doing a variety of work.
Professionals and small businesses at the Station leverage our downtown location and easy parking to serve their clients.

The members of Ghost Town Arts Collective provide workshops and cultural arts experience on site and throughout greater Texoma. Exhibitions in the Gallery Off the Square space are a collaboration between Ghost Town Arts and Ideation Station.

Ideation Station provides a venue for entrepreneurs and creatives to launch and sustain profitable work through flexible rental of work, meeting, event, and collaboration space.

Schedule with Ruth to join the community:

  • Dedicated Offices – We have 15 office or studio spaces of approximately 130 square feet each, as well as multiple open shared spaces that also serve as an Art Gallery, and three large conference/meeting rooms (one of which is the featured exhibition Gallery Room). Contact the Community Manager, 903.357.5290, for more information.
  • Events, conference and meeting rooms. Book online to reserve the Gallery and Collaboration Station area for an events, or reserve a conference or meeting room. Book Online Now.

Conference Room Schedule Appointment

Event Schedule Appointment

  • Ghost Town Arts Collective – The Ghost Town Arts Collective is a non-profit, arts cooperative based in the Texoma region that has been supporting and nurturing the arts since 2007.
    • We are dedicated to creating an open space for the arts community to experiment, share, and connect, and for the community at large to experience the creative process through participation, appreciation, and education. For this purpose, we have established a makerspace for hosting artistic workshops and classes as well as hosting gallery exhibitions showcasing visual and performance art, music, dance, spoken word, poetry, creative writing, bookmaking, and film created by members of our community.
    • We feature Ghost Town Arts members and local artists in our Gallery and encourage meetups and study groups to “feed the Artist”. We market artists and creatives of all genres online in social media and our online Gallery Catalog. For us, the Gallery Off the Square is more than just display, cataloging of visual arts and representing artists, it is the development and amplification of our local cultural arts community. We offer a place at the table for literary arts, performance arts, the visual arts, crafts, trades, and artisans of all mediums and expression.
  • Sherman Off the Square – We blog, photograph, review, and comment on businesses online. Our intent is to amplify the unique voice of each area business. Follow @ShermanSquare on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Book Online to reserve a meeting space or conference room now!

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