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The Ideation Station is working to create a community arts center type of venue in Sherman. The Ideation Station hosts events out of the Venue Off the Square in Sherman.

The Ideation Station will be hosting a Poetry Jam from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday at 227 S. Travis Street in Sherman.

“I bought this movie about Diane di Prima to share with my students,” Poetry Slam organizer and University of North Texas English language senior lecturer Jean Roelke said. “The movie, ‘The Poetry Deal: A Film with Diane di Prima’ we will show after we introduce ourselves and then have the audience introduce themselves.”

Roelke said that the Poetry Jam is meant to be an event to bring poets in Grayson County together.

“We did not want this event to be a violently competitive event like a poetry slam,” she said. “We just want people who love poetry to have an event and an avenue where they can share poetry with others.”

Roelke said that attendees will also play language games, surrealist chain games and the Ideation Station will provide refreshments.

“We want to make an artists space in downtown,” Roelke said. “So many creative and talented people in this area. We want to make the community more interactive and engaging space.”

Last month, the Ideation Station hosted several creativity workshops. Roelke said that the plan is to continue the workshops.

“Creativity is human,” she said. “We have that talent. Technology, language, and stories. We can imagine something that has never existed and make it real. We do not need to forget that about ourselves. We need more of it.”

In August, the Ideation Station will be teaching classes on robotics for teenagers.

“Andra Petrean, Austin College professor, will be teaching the class,” Roelke said.

The Ideation Station’s goal, Roelke said, is to host events for all art forms.

“Art has become an industry and not a part of our every day lives,” she said. “We want to take it back. Creativity should be at the heart of our lives.”

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