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Virtual Office?

Your mailing address can be here and we will handle it. How about a virtual business phone in the 903? We have partnered with SphereMail to make this process easy and affordable.

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Join now and get a mailing address with your own private mailbox (not a P.O. Box). Online access all your postal incoming mail via any device, including your mobile. With Ideation Station LLC and SphereMail you can do more without the need to spend a ton of money for physical office space. All your incoming postal mail can be managed online or even on your mobile device.

Just enter area code number 903 and SphereMail does the rest. Your calls will automatically forward to your mobile or landline number.

SphereMail is a cloud based platform that simplifies mail management at coworking spaces in addition to generating virtual phone numbers to users. It resolves intra/inter-company mail, to and from remote staff, without losing a physical mail items; i.e. it gives corporations the opportunity to cut their high real estate cost and mobilize their workforce. In addition, SphereMail also provides virtual phone numbers and extensions for seamless automated phone line management.

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