Where Texoma’s Entrepreneurs and Creative Communities Collaborate

Ideation Station LLC is a for profit social purpose organization that promotes economic opportunity, increasing the flow of capital and job creation for people, startups, and small businesses, using a collaborative community center business model. 

Our mission is to advocate for the cultural arts as economic drivers and to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Texoma by providing affordable space and resources for community building, organization and mentorship.

We promote empowering providers of educational events as well as local business and economic development in Texoma by working with people, non-profits and organizations to bring arts, STEM, educational and informative events, presentations, demonstrations, workshops to our community center and beyond. Our facility offers collaboration, incubation and launch support for the arts, sciences, maths, businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, non-profits and remote workers that seek a like-minded growth oriented community in downtown Sherman Texas. We do this through providing shared space – meeting and work space on an hourly, daily, or month to month rental basis. 

Dedicated Office – $425 per month. A fully enclosed, lockable office space. Your company can add more offices as you grow. This plan includes access to our Networking events and services, 24/7 access as well as discounts for reserving workspaces and conference rooms.  Please contact the Community Manager at 903.357.5290 if you are interested in an office or using the space.  

In historic downtown Sherman, Texas one block south of the Grayson County Courthouse and Justice Center.


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