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The greatest pleasure for me is to help someone with an idea and the determination to create something. Collaborating with other makers, artists, startups, creatives, entrepreneurs through Ideation Station and sharing my space, time, talent, energy, skill and developing a supportive community has become my mission. Gallery Off the Square, Sherman Off the Square (ShOT), Patreon ShOT, and other vehicles to support artists are the tools to give them exposure and create the income stream so they, and Ideation Station, can be self-supporting. Isn’t that what we all want in our life’s work? I am grateful for the opportunity to attempt to build these communities and use my assets, time and talent toward that goal. The metaphor I chose when I began this work was “Stone Soup”. 

Josias L
Josias L

Today, an artist came to me with his work. What occurs to me first, is how can I validate his work, his ideas, his willingness to take the risk of creating and hoping to attract patrons that will buy and support his work. Everyone in Gallery Off the Square and everyone that we work with to produce a chap book, publish their poetry, story, video, share their music, serve as the place for their live event hopes for acknowledgement and appreciation of their creation. The existential question of art, of creation and making, and its worthiness, let’s save those discussions for the Salon Creatif we will hold on the first Thursday of each month. Let’s discuss the literature, politics, art, and the meaning of life (42) as part of a gathering. As a community, however, let me, let us, support the creators in our midst. There are many creatives and they exist in every demographic in our community.

How shall I support this artist, and the other artists, makers, creatives, startups and entrepreneurs. By providing the place and the tools to be seen for who they are in our community and build connections between the individuals and the community at large. I’ll need some help though. I am working on ways to build sponsors and mentors for the people the community is sending me through Sherman Off the Square (ShOT)Patreon ShOT, and other tools I am exploring. We will also be having some art shows and events that you can attend and buy (patronize) the artist, maker, or startup.

As we begin to roll out the events over the next few weeks, keep in mind that I am the instigator and collaborator, and the artists, makers, creatives, writers, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, are the people who are doing and making the work and the event happen. My goal is to put together the platform, produce the work and tell the stories to make their work possible. The place for it to happen and the vehicle and tools for them to get the exposure, mentorship, collaboration, and some traction (thanks to some of you) to build the community that will support them in their work. Join in the collaboration! Bring what you have, and we will all be fed. We have a wonderfully robust cultural arts community that will grow as a result.


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Ruth Williamson, Managing Partner
Ruth Williamson – Advocate, Community Manager, Managing Partner, Artist, Writer, Singer . . . .
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