Sweet Beginnings for our Literary Arts


We have been collaborating and prototyping poetry readings, study groups and workshops for the past year. We have added a new category to our product catalog under the Gallery Shop – Poetry Books. Our first book is by Ruth Williamson’s elementary through High School classmate (except for a few years […]

Top 4 Priorities for StartUps


An informative short video from our Lunch and Learn today with Ideation Station member Clint Cheek of ProxyPay about the Top 4 Priorities for StartUps, Entrepreneurs and anyone running a business. ProxyPay’s Business We have hired and partnered with people who have an entrepreneur mindset–people like you. Our goal is […]

Superhero Mini Sessions


Our collaborators and neighbors at Sherman Off the Square (ShOT) are so creative. Check out this ad featuring my granddaughter.  Courtney Mitchell of Courtney Mitchell Photography is one of a very few Certified Photographer’s in the area. I’m just one proud MiMi.  Warmest regards Ruth https://madmimi.com/p/a67e4c?fe=1&pact=1648-145638017-10908402676-68981d51de492ca9ff05d53b31752d497756404c&facebook_like=true#

New and Emerging Artists


The greatest pleasure for me is to help someone with an idea and the determination to create something. Collaborating with other makers, artists, startups, creatives, entrepreneurs through Ideation Station and sharing my space, time, talent, energy, skill and developing a supportive community has become my mission. Gallery Off the Square, […]

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