Ghost Talks and Apparitions 0.1


Prototyping Ghost Talks and Apparitions Ghost Talks from Ghost Town Arts Collective in Ideation Station LLC with Jared Tredway. All you have to bring are your ideas to become a member of Ghost Town. Join Liz Elsberg, Jean Roelke, Shannon Orr, and many creatives in the cultural arts including John West Peter Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth Meyers, Karen Rachel Yeatts, Emilie Collins, an so on, in […]

SoulCollage – October 26th


Join us for our first SoulCollage workshop offered through the Ghost Town Art Collective! SoulCollage is an intuitive art process in which you make your own personal deck of cards which depict parts of your personality, roles you play in life, people who influence you, body awareness and spiritual guidance. […]

Two Words by Shannon Orr

Shannon Orr

Two Words by Shannon Orr Creative Block is some sort of siphoning mind demon. The more you acknowledge it, the more it grows, and the more it grows the longer it stays. The longer it stays the more apt it is to make itself at home and invite it’s friend’s […]

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