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Privacy Policy

by RuthW

Safeguarding your privacy is important to us.

We value your privacy and are committed to maintaining your trust by protecting personal information that we collect and use.

We collect various types of personal information in connection with the Services, namely:

  • information you give us directly;
  • information we collect about your device(s) and your use of our Services, including through cookies, and other internet technologies; and
  • information we get from third-party sources used in processing transaction
  • information we get from third-party sources.

We collect various types of information and content that you give us directly. For example, to enroll as a member or to use some of our Services, you will be requested to give us your name, telephone number, email address, postal address, and where applicable company or organization name. We also collect other content and information that you give us directly, including the content and information you may add to your member network or other community profile and photographs or other information or documentation you give us and the communications that you send through our networks. We collect billing and payment information you give when you access some of our Services or buy products and services. If you do not give us the requested information, we may be unable to deliver you the Services in full.

To the extent that you show to us any personal information of another person, we assume that you have obtained such individual’s consent for the disclosure of such personal information as well as the processing of the same by the terms of this Policy.


Deposits are non-refundable.
Rental off conference room, office and other space is by time period scheduled. Please be aware other clients and dedicated office users may be scheduled before or after your scheduled time. Please leave the space ready for the next client.
The common areas are available on a shared and communal basis, please use any of the amenities such as the coffee/Bread room or move about the building when the various areas are open.
Visit our Gallery in the east end of the building at your leisure.
There are multiple businesses operating in the facility and clients may be in the space. Please be aware, sensitive to, and respectful of, the many reasons that clients and colleagues are in the facility.
If you would like to sponsor or host an event, please discuss this opportunity with the Community Manager.
Respect one another’s boundaries. We are all here to work. A closed door should not be opened. Do not disturb closed or locked offices unless there is an emergency like a fire in the building!
Take time to build relationships and network. Come to our events! Meet people in a communal setting.
Enjoy the opportunity to collaborate.

Art works and display objects are either the property of Ideation Station or one of our Gallery Off the Square Artists/Artisans. If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact the Community Member or the Gallery Manager. Please do not remove or move any property of Ideation Station LLC, another coworker or member without express consent.

Events – regularly scheduled and special events will be posted on a physical community calendar in the coworking space, on a digital community messaging system, social media and the events calendar on our website ideationstationtx.com


Wi-Fi is provided for coworkers. We will provide the Wi-Fi Ideas password to all members.

Printing/copying/scanning is provided through PrintWithMe.com. Instructions are on a placard near the Print With Me printer in the Community Manager and dedicated desk area. This is a prepaid system, just email your document to ideationstation@printwithme.com and follow the instructions. You will pay for your copies and then receive a code to enter into the printer for your print job.


Ideation Station is a community of creatives, makers, leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. Meet and connect with like-minded people and companies at our weekly and monthly events. Check out some of our past events to learn more! Our calendar is available on our website and on Facebook.

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