The Collaboration Station Project at Ideation Station will prototype and develop a maker space and collaboration community around arts, science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM), personal development, and entrepreneurship within a co-working environment. We believe that sharing a membership and affiliate audience, work and maker space, focus on building a community, mentoring, collaborating and supporting emerging and developing businesses accelerates product and service development as well as profitability.

The goals of the prototype phase of the project is to build a collaborator/coworker base of 20 members. Optimally this is made up of 10 dedicated office/studio members, and 10 co-working members. In addition, the collaborator/coworker members develop 50 community members that financially support the workshops, classes and programs and use the space outside of organized events. In addition, Ideation Station LLC seeks to house a stand-alone existing non-profit capable of managing a co-operative gallery, receiving in-kind, pledge and cash donations to supply materials, scholarships and memberships for the larger Texoma community, and take a key role in organizing pop up events and fund-raisers to help their defined mission.

The term of the project is Summer of 2017 through the end of the calendar year. As we move forward with the project, evaluating its feasibility and sustainability for the stakeholders, more space and resources will be dedicated to achieving the goals of the stakeholders and membership community. A business model will be defined and the requirements and implementation plan for supporting business agreements, transactions and technology will be developed. At that point, Ideation Station can decide how much space will be allocated to the community and what adjustments need to be made in pricing, membership structure and resources.


 One of my collaborators and I will be Founding a non-profit in January 2018 to fund non-institutional experiential learning and education in Arts, STEM and personal development as well as the development of micro-businesses and emerging Enterprise. I look forward to using the Five Pillars to put this non-profit to work for our community and to collaborate with the many artists, artisans, scientists, technologists, and others that want to share their talent and knowledge and become stewards of their craft developing others.

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