Reflecting on Teaching Through Crochet

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I don’t begrudge anyone their “it’s on the syllabus” t-shirts. I understand the feeling that you have made information available in several places and several modes, yet you still get the same questions over and over again. From reading patterns, though, I have learned that even if the information is right there sometimes I don’t digest it in the right way. Often I skim to find the answer or assume I know what the information is. And, then, ten hours later, I have to start over because I misread something. This is my fault and students not misreading or not finding information that is readily available to them is their fault too. However, learning to be patient with myself about my mistakes has also helped me learn patience for the errors of others.

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One thought on “Reflecting on Teaching Through Crochet

  1. Part of my teaching is to accept that others learn differently than I do. I did do a full course on teaching to all 4 learning styles, called 4Mat, and it opened my eyes. Now, when teaching knitting and crochet, or anything else, I make sure I have written patterns, videos, work hands-on with the students and talk them through every step. Learning should be fun and teaching can be too when you take a stress less approach. My students always complemented me on this, so I know I do something good.

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