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Ruth Williamson – Community Manager

Ruth Williamson, Managing Partner

Strategist | Writer | Visionary | Artist | Singer | Advocate | Entrepreneur

Demonstrated achievement in several disciplines including Information Technology, Budget and Finance, Marketing, and
Operations. Skills include business process analysis, process development and improvement, logistics, project management, continuous improvement, and customer relationship management in several sectors of the economy as well as local government.

Artists Statement

A broken world, full of broken people, seeking, ever seeking wholeness, and finding it in moments of connection, joy, and transformation. Human beings are simultaneously full of hope and full of despair. The art I make, whether photography, painting, writing, or telling stories is full of the humor of human connection, joy, pain, and hope.

I am inspired by light, music, movement, human bodies in motion and in stillness, the faces of children, dance, and nature. I am often transported when I have the opportunity to sing, and when sharing song with others, feel elation and connection to those around me. There is no single art form that I prefer, so I am at best a mixed media artist crossing from one form to the next and taking inspiration from all that is around me.

I am most often making photographic commentary on the people, places, and spaces around me. Sometimes painting on the canvas of the photograph I have printed. At this moment that is what fits.

My art speaks to and for the communities we create and the opportunity to connect, and see the humanity and ourselves in another’s eyes, and the beauty of the “ordinary” world that surrounds us.

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