Sherman Off the Square

Sherman Off the Square (ShOTS)


South Travis St.

Sherman, Texas

The entrepreneurs and businesses at Ideation Station and along South Travis in downtown Sherman, Texas.

Sherman Off the Square (ShOTS) is a project of Ideation Station to collaborate on our block, in our downtowns and throughout Greater Texoma to promote local business, artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits and startups in our market and grow our economy. We have deployed locally popular social media, a website and online community group for Texomans that want to engage with local business peers. We are promoting, encouraging and growing​ local business startups & non-profits using virtual networking to develop connections, strategies and opportunities to collaborate.

We will work with regional collaborators to curate, share & promote local business startups & non-profits through events, social media and other marketing and advertising outlets. Our primary focus is to use locally popular social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, Eventbrite, MeetUp and blogs to aggregate and disseminate events, promotions, branding, and business information throughout the community. Sherman Off the Square Block Party (around the 200 block of South Travis, Jones, Walnut and Lamar streets) organized by the businesses and property owners.

One of these strategies is alliance and influencer marketing using social media and events. Another strategy is to provide education, information and training through courses made available by members to members through the ShOTS network.

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