Stroll on the Square 2019

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The Downtown Sherman Wine Stroll 2019

Ghost Town Arts Collective sponsored the Downtown Sherman Now! Stroll on the Square, commonly known as “the Wine Stroll” at Ideation Station on October 5, 2019. There were 19 stops around the central business district downtown, and sponsors from all over the Greater Texoma Community. Tickets were Sold Out to 600 Strollers! Find out more at Downtown Sherman Now!

The Herald Democrat tells the story with an article by Emma Polini on October 7, 2019:

Ticket holders were invited to partake in tasting wines from 14 local wineries and food from 12 restaurants and caterers. These dozen food venues — including treats from locations such as Sherman’s Feast on This! Catering — were invited to compete against each other for one of four titles of the night.

A judge’s panel made up of Stroll on the Square’s top five sponsors was before the event to have their cups filled with red wine and tables crowded with bite-sized treats. The judge’s tent consisted of Kevin Couch, Leslie Gunn, Jamie Gladen and Melida and Tom Ailshire. Managing the table was Danielle Bernard, who handed out up to 22 different food samples to each judge.

“The cooking competition is what makes this wine stroll different from all other wine strolls,” Tooley said. “We invite restaurants and caterers to compete.”

While the five judges elected to either sample savory treats, sweet bites or both, 450 savory and 450 sweet bites were arranged around Downtown Sherman for strollers to sample as they explored the different venues present. The savory treats included beef wellington, BLT soup, duck crostini, fried mac and cheese, pulled pork taquito, red wine smoked short ribs, honey lime chicken bites, smoked brisket, smoked salmon, southern meatball and Texas cheesesteak, among others.

“Strollers are meant to hop around and sample one of each as they explore different businesses,” Tooley said, adding that each stroller was then invited to rank their samples to determine which was the best.

The awards for the night, announced at the conclusion of the event, included Judge’s Best Savory, Judge’s Best Sweet, Stroller’s Best Savory and Stroller’s Best Sweet. Therefore it fell on both the judges and the strollers to select the premium local restaurants and caterers, with everyone present allotted the chance to vote.

By Emma Polini, Herald Democrat
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