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We have been collaborating and prototyping poetry readings, study groups and workshops for the past year. We have added a new category to our product catalog under the Gallery Shop – Poetry Books. Our first book is by Ruth Williamson’s elementary through High School classmate (except for a few years at the Texas School for the Blind. We present The Sweet Shoppe by Juanita Wallis Kelley, available by download in PDF format on our website. (Click Here) We’ve included one of her poems here for your review. Become a member and let’s collaborate!

Where Are You, Autumn?

by Juanita Wallis Kelley

September 22, 2016.


The calendar says you’re here,

The summer heat says you’re not,

It’s time for you to appear,

Cause it’s too blasted hot!


I’m waiting for leaves to fall,

I want crispness in the air,

Please answer my call,

Ninety-nine is so unfair!


The pumpkins need some frost,

The hearth needs a fire,

I’ve got my fingers crossed,

That you’ll fulfill my desire!


The stunning beauty of a Homecoming Queen,

The World Series and football games,

Candy corn and Halloween,

Trick or treat, the child exclaims!


Jackets, gloves, a shiver or two,

Soft falling rain would fit the bill.

Cool sunny days with a sky so blue,

I’ll take either one, indeed I will!


So, Autumn, my friend, as I said,

Where in the world are you?

I need you here, so come ahead,

Let me feel you through and through!


The End.


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