Texoma Specialty Counseling

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Working your way out of a job is great! Dr. Stephanie Waitt So many times clients have looked at me and expressed hopelessness they will ever recover. The eating disorder


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“Receptivity” by Jared Tredway “Receptivity” follows the life of pinched-off Julian as he rethinks old patterns of thought and begins to live the life he really wants. “Receptivity” follows the

Think Like Writers

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Rock Salt Writer’s Workshop Think Like Writers – Abbi DeMay Rock Salt Writers is the perfect experience for beginning and advanced writers alike looking to hone their craft and grow

What May Become a Novel

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Rock Salt Writer’s Workshop What May Become a Novel – John West Rock Salt Writer’s Group helped me enormously. Peter Anderson modeled how we should critique each other’s work. The

Ghost Town Arts Collective

Ghost Town Arts Collective Membership

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What sparks your creativity? Do you ever think about doing something creative but don’t know where to start? Do you want to meet with other creative individuals and discuss ideas


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