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Working your way out of a job is great!

Dr. Stephanie Waitt

So many times clients have looked at me and expressed hopelessness they will ever recover. The eating disorder feels too powerful and recovery feels so impossible.

But today I said good-bye to a client because she is now recovered and doing well. At one point this client felt stuck, hopeless, and doubted full recovery was possible.

It wasn’t easy. I was challenged. It was hard. But we fought, together. We laughed. We cried. We fought some more. But now she’s free!

Imma be real honest – recovery is really super hard alone. You need support – you need a professional. You need accountability, compassion, information and to feel safe enough to challenge the things your brain is telling you.

Full recovery is possible. I witness it happen. If you are feeling hopeless today I hope you hear me when I say…

You don’t have to stay stuck feeling this way. You can ask for help. It’s ok to ask for help. You don’t have to know what to do from there. Just asking for help is all you need to do.

If you are ready I have just two openings available in my practice (I don’t often have spots open but I continue to work myself out of a job 😉). Email me to connect,

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