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We have just issued our first newsletter, Texoma Tattler, providing some basic information about our projects and members. We hope to publish a general newsletter about every other month. Our members and collaborators can keep up with area events by following our Events Calendar on this site, or on the Sherman Off the Square Events site, or stay ahead of the curve by joining our Sherman Off the Square (ShOTS) Network.



The ShOTS Network supports active online networking and collaboration in the Greater Texoma Area much like a remote work group. We share a “need to know”, but who has time for all the meetings? Using a work group network software as a service (SaaS) tool allows us to direct message, create posts, events, write articles, offer courses and much more. Join by Clicking Here. Or by typing in your browser. What you choose to share there is only available to members of the network, and you can create a private circle, or interest group, inside the app that is visible only to the circle members. Keep in mind that no advertising means just that, so keep it business to business inside the app. We’d also like non-profits and volunteers to join so we can organize events as well!

As a community we work beside our neighbors, collaborate when needed, and all know we can improve our connections with the larger community and between geographic areas. If this is your interest, join us. We have over 40 people involved already. Early adopters, like the early bird, often gets the worm!



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