The Lowbrow Hoedown

Shannon Orr
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The Lowbrow Hoedown

by Shannon Orr

There were freaks, geeks, and art critiques spilling out of Tupelo Honey with much fanfare this past Saturday. People from all over Texoma and beyond came to The Lowbrow Hoedown to see the “Art show for the rest of us.” Joe Steinman of Minor Threads hosted the show with great success. A wide variety of artists and vendors encircled the patio as people worked their way from the inside gallery, to the bar, past the live music and shopped through an all inclusive welcoming atmosphere.

In a small town so many people tout supporting the community but I’ve seen those that pick and choose which part of the community they want to support and which ones get the cold shoulder. After doing numerous interviews it is conclusive that some people have found it hard to get their art out to the public as certain galleries have set styles.

However for each person that has felt rejected I believe that if they looked a little further they would find twice as many people to create with and connect. More and more of those in the art community are celebrating the differences with wide open doors. Many people from different art organizations visited and supported this unique show. I only hope to see it grow stronger next year, like a snowball rolling down hill. Those looking for a place to be will gravitate towards each other. After all, we’re all a little weird, some of us are just brave enough to wear it comfortably.

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