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An informative short video from our Lunch and Learn today with Ideation Station member Clint Cheek of ProxyPay about the Top 4 Priorities for StartUps, Entrepreneurs and anyone running a business.

ProxyPay’s Business
We have hired and partnered with people who have an entrepreneur mindset–people like you. Our goal is to build a business that helps business owners like you run their businesses. We will help you increase employee retention, address HR issues, and help you create business practices that cut the time you spend on processes that keep you from becoming truly successful.

Our Promise
We will work with you to find areas in your business that you can improve upon. If it turns out we can’t help you, we will make the best referral we can. Connect you to someone who can best help you and stay in touch. We will check in on you from time to time, maybe we can help, maybe we can’t. If you are our client, it will be our goal to give 100% perfect service 100% of the time. Our success depends on your success. Honestly, this is the best job I could ever hope for, I get to work with entrepreneurs every day, people like me out there chasing their dreams.

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