Watch What is Poetry? Dancing Catfish: Poetry Writers Workshop

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What is Poetry?

“Write a poem — any poem!”

At Dancing Catfish we do just that. We know that poems come in all shapes and sizes, all sorts of moods, up and down (and sideways), and we get together for a full evening each week to share what we are doing, and help one another figure out what will make our poems bounce, tap dance and sing (if that’s what they want to do), or change the world (if they can). Under the guidance of prize-winning poet Peter Anderson, we aim to figure out together how to make each poem as strong and effective as it can be. Which is exactly what our poems want us to do.

What is Poetry? Dancing Catfish: Poetry Writers Workshop

What is Poetry? Video

This is a five-week long, poetry writers workshop.

To see workshop dates and times, go to

and the Ghost Town Arts Collective’s Facebook page:

The Ghost Town Arts Collective is a nonprofit organization based in the Texoma region. Help support our wonderful programs today with a donation! Visit:

Workshops are held at Ideation Station led by Dr. Peter Anderson, an award-winning poet. Peter has over twenty years’ experience running writers’ workshops, formal and informal, both in South Africa and the United States.

Learn more about Peter’s work:

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