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Women of Visionary Influence, WOVI, is a non-profit educational organization focused on mentoring and developing leaders and mentors that are female. I find WOVI to be different than other women’s organizations because of that focus on assuming responsibility and accountability. The women that assume board positions have defined responsibilities and tasks and the execution of those tasks are the measure of success for both the individual and the team.

  • WOVI’s VISION … To empower women to make a difference in their lives, their communities, and the world.Women – from all walks of life
  • Offering – friendship, service, and inspiration to one another
  • Mentoring – for mutual benefit and enrichment of each and every member
  • Education – for personal and professional development of WOVI members and invited guests
  • Notability – distinguishing and acknowledging women in their current and future endeavors

WOVI serves women of all professions, interests, ages, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. With a strong vision for the future, WOVI offers and furthers educational and leadership opportunities for all of our members and guests.

Our Mission

It is the Mission of WOVI, Inc. to empower women to lead and mentor. We exist to mentor women by presentation of educational programs that enhance all areas of their lives. Membership in WOVI provides access to a personal mentor to help each woman achieve, succeed and prosper in her chosen path in life. Skills of leadership are taught by example, through mentoring, and by practical application in serving the organization.

Our Values

Values Statement: Through encouragement, genuine respect and inclusiveness, we celebrate self and others.

Our Goal

WOVI’s goal is to integrate leading, educating and mentoring into the fabric of the lives of women of all ages, professions, ethnicities and interests. Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success.

What makes that assumption of responsibility and execution different than taking on leadership roles in other organizations? What is special about WOVI? Quite simply, it has no other goal than education and development of the members. It is not organized to achieve a social good by raising money or conducting activities that become the measure of success. Rather, the purpose of the chapter is to educate and develop accountability among the members for their own conduct and their respectful, encouraging, and inclusive relationship with other members, and with the leadership team plus the execution, or lack thereof, of the tasks to 1) conduct, communicate, promote, and execute the monthly meeting agenda including sourcing an excellent speaker and 2) to manage the mentor program for all the members. Success is execution and making “it” happen at the highest possible level. As mentioned above, the practical application in serving the organization. “It”, therefore, is a journey of becoming a steward of the organization and the membership and supporting each woman in achieving her idea success. The end is a well-executed educational and inspiring meeting, excellence in the mentor program for members and encouragement, genuine respect and inclusiveness.

Contrast that with an organization that might organize meetings and/or events to raise funds or provide a community activity where the event goes well, and the funds are raised, and recognition and appreciation are duly given to the organization and its leadership. The end goal is achieved, but the process by which it happened may leave broken relationships, disappointment, failure or lack of encouragement for all the participants, stakeholders or members. The process is not the focus or the measurement of success. Accountability resides with the achievement of the organizational purpose. By focusing on the process, WOVI offers and opportunity to develop and improve leadership and mentoring skills among women that will enrich their lives and the community. By focusing on the woman, and mentoring and encouraging her success on her own terms, WOVI integrates “leading, educating and mentoring into the fabric of the lives of women of all ages, professions, ethnicities and interests.” That is the difference, and I believe it is a worthy goal and productive way to develop the people and resources in our community.


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