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We all have plans, and “to everything there is a season”, it is said. Each year I have both the opportunity and the pleasure of participating in the Women of Visionary Influence Annual Conference for Women. This year’s session was exceptional. The speakers and panels were well prepared and on topic. This year we addressed how we achieve by having purpose, passion and power. Some of us are taught, and many of us believe that there is a particular and unique combination of a career changing job, a revelation of purpose, and life changing relationships that once attained will result in a purpose filled, powerful and passionate life. Only then we will be “worthy”. Only then we will be “enough”. Only then will happiness be lived ever after. There may well be an epiphany or a series of moments or experiences that are life-changing, and we all have them, must we wait and more importantly how do you carry out the new knowledge or awareness gained, and sustain it and be happy?

First, what are Women of Visionary Influence (WOVI)? WOVI is a non-profit established in July 2001 by a group of twelve dedicated women led by Pauline Shirley and Teresa Smith. WOVI – Women of Visionary Influence – is an organization of women offering mentoring, education and leadership.

WOVI serves women of all professions, interests, ages, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. With a strong vision for the future, WOVI offers and furthers educational and leadership opportunities for all of our members and guests. It is the Mission of WOVI, Inc. to empower women to lead and mentor. We exist to mentor women by presentation of educational programs that enhance all areas of their lives. Membership in WOVI provides access to a personal mentor to help each woman achieve, succeed and prosper in her chosen path in life. Skills of leadership are taught by example, through mentoring, and by practical application in serving the organization. WOVI, INC

Second, what about the Annual Conference? 2018 was the sixteenth annual conference. One of the key precepts of WOVI is education and this is one of the ways that program is delivered. We had speakers and panelists including, but not limited to:
  • Dr. Kimberly Ellison, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Strategist, Consultant of Ft. Worth, one of the world’s leading professional development and solutions based training consultants located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Recently recognized as Fort Worth Business Press 2018 40 Under 40 honoree houseofruthjewels.com  drkimberlyellison.com
  • Yolanda Harper, President, Alpha Discovery Group LLC, and Trainer for Fort Worth Blue Zones Project.
  • Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer, is an award-winning, best-selling author, globally recognized business and leadership consultant, trusted executive coach and captivating speaker. www.ellencastro.com
  • Denita Lacking-Quinn, founder of Achieve PR, has built one of the fastest growing boutique firms in North Texas.
  • Sherri Elliott-Yeary is known as the Generational Guru. She is a Generational Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Author. generationalguru.com 
  • Dr. Alise Cortez is a speaker, consultant, coach, published author, radio show and podcast host, and development and engagement catalyst based in Dallas, Texas. alisecortez.com
  • Patrice Withers-Stephens is a talented multifaceted professional with over a decade of experience in corporate responsibility and reputation, community relations, communications, and public relations.
  • Lauren Midgley is a highly in-demand speaker and top selling author. Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Lauren Midgley became an entrepreneur in 2010 after a 25+ year career with two Fortune 500 companies in a variety of positions: franchise development, sales, and marketing. laurenmidgeley.com
  • For more information on the Conference, presenters and topics please visit WOVI.com

Beginning at the end, those of us that attended Lauren Midgley considered how we could get the greatest return on investment from the conference. How many of us have dutifully attended conferences, perhaps have been inspired, made notes, learned some new ideas and thought about how we might apply what we have learned while we are in the moment? Then what happens? Many of us set aside those notes, handouts, the folder and materials, or scan it and file it. We keep some of the information and ideas that can be easily implemented or a big idea that can be come a project. This time, we created an action plan from the Conference, and by the way, this blog entry is one of my action items scheduled for today. This week we are creating an action plan from Idea to Completion using Lauren’s tools and will follow-up with our accountability partner. I am writing about this because this is fundamental to the purpose, power and passion of WOVI. We educate. We envision. We mentor. We hold each other accountable for achievement.

From Ellen Castro, we considered a series of “what if” opportunities to perceive and act in our lives. Chief among these for me were:

What if you considered everything to be simply a coaching moment? Observe. Consider. Do. Without. Judgement.

What if you thought everyone was on your team for greatness — no exceptions? (Let me just say this is a stretch for me. Wow.)

When triggered, simply: Breathe, SMILE, Repeat.

You are the SMILE someone needs. Change your world. Change the world.

We were inspired with the Wondrous Women them and the Wonder Woman references in the imagery and in the keynote by Dr. Kimberly Ellison, bracelets, tiara and lasso and all. Have a look at the photographs I took in the slide show below. Kimberly’s topic was Finding Purpose: In Pursuit of Your Super Power. Her words, and Ellen’s graphical representation resonated with many of the women in the room. We have more than one purpose. To find our purpose, we need to reflect on our history, and the history of those that came before us that paved the way for our journey. Retrace and reflect on your history and find the power in it. Identify where you have placed constraints upon your self, especially noting when you note “I can’t”, and discern if you are really saying “I won’t”, or end fear and mindless compliance with outside forces to develop trust and commitment. Move up the Power of Choice(TM) Success Model (TM) from Ellen Castro from struggling to thriving and doing what you love to do.

One of the takeaway ideas was the analogy that we, coworkers, collaborators, accountability partners, mentors and mentees, we WOVI Women, can fly in V formation like geese using the WOVI mentor program to help us use less effort to make great progress. I wrote down one of the speaker’s words, I believe they are Kimberly’s, “Your passion seeps at your next level”. When you find you have reached a plateau, call on your collaborators to help you develop the clarity and purpose to reach that next level and find your power restored.

I am placing these ideas on this blog because WOVI is one of the organizations I support that has a mentoring program. I am actively seeking mentoring programs and opportunities to connect people who are developing startups, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, makers and others with mentors, advisors, presenters and speakers that can advance their ideas and help them flourish.

Interested? Contact me –

Ruth Williamson


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